Cinque Terre

    The objective of the engineering design evaluation event is to evaluate the engineering effort that went into the design of the vehicle and how the engineering meets the intent of the market, as detailed in the.Students will be judged on the creation of design specifications and the ability to meet those specifications, computer aided drafting, analysis, testing and development, manufacturability, serviceability, system integration and how the vehicle works together as a whole. Each of these parts of the engineering product development cycle will be judged within the following subsystems: Suspension, Steering, Brakes, Drivetrain/Powertrain, Chassis and ergonomics. The vehicle that illustrates the best use of engineering to meet the design goals and the best understanding of the design by the team members will win the design event
    1) Drag race: This event is about wheel to wheel racing of All Terrin Vehicles. During this event, two vehicles will be set on starting line. As the signal is given, two vehicles will start on their way to become the fastest. One whi will finish earlier has to compete with other remaining fastest car. And the fastest among all will win. So this event is all about being the fastest.
    2) Manuverability Event: This event is designed to assess each vehicles' ability and handling ability over off road terrin. Teams will attempt to manuver through the course with a minimum time. The course may consist of variety of challenges possibily including tight turns, Pylon manuvers, bumps, drop offs, sand , rocks and inclines.
    3) Sled pull event: This event is designed to test the torque handling capasity of an all terrin vehicle.
    4) Endurance race: Last but not the least. A 3 hours' endurance race is the event in which car has to drive on a challenging track. whoever completes more lap is the winner. Total price mony is 1,20,000 So get ready for thrill and adventure.
    Total price mony is 1,20,000 So get ready for thrill and adventure.
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