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    Event Description(15th march):
    As a part of the GTU Zonal Tech-Fest 2018, GTU Innovation Council is carrying out Industrial Defined Project (IDP) Expo to showcase the best innovations across GTU. The main objective of IDP Expo is to provide space for showing Innovative idea /solution which students have developed while solving real life challenge of an industry/SME or similar end user. During this expo academic & industry experts will evaluate each team and share feedbacks on how to take these innovations ahead to end user.
    Students need to come up with innovative solutions for the benefits of society and industry to showcase in front of faculty, mentors, industrial experts, GTU assistant professors.
    The real life solution being presented can be taken from final year project as per GTU curriculum or any hobby project. The team can demonstrate the Proof of Concept physically during the expo or can make a detailed poster presentation.

    Each zone is dedicated with a college where the IDP Expo will be carried out. This expo should be open to all the students and the faculty of the college and all the neighboring industries. Student need to present their innovative solution for industries in the form of posters. Preparation of Posters: 1. Prepare the poster on material that is lightweight. The material can be on one sheet so that it can be rolled up for easy transport or on separate panels for individual mounting. 2. Posters should be readable from a distance of 6 feet (2 meters). For adequate visibility, capital letters should be at least 3/8 inch (1 cm) high after enlargement to full poster size. 3. The team of students may prepare handouts about their project for distribution at the Expo. 4. The poster should be self-explanatory so that one is free to supplement and discuss particular points raised by enquiry at the Expo by the visitors. Every poster should include the poster number, Group Identity Number to distinguish while evaluation, the Title of the project, name of the faculty Guide and the names of the students, who have worked on the project. Guidelines for the Poster: ” heading, poster title, author(s) name(s), and their affiliations” Suggested font sizes: Title: Arial (86 pt) Team member’s name, guide name, mention if any other contributor: Arial (48 pt) Figure citation: Arial (25 or higher) Rest of the text: Arial (30 pt) Arial font can be replaced with any other font which is readable. For each domain, a team of experts, having a good mix of Senior Professors from the same college, the neighboring colleges/ institutes/ polytechnics, and experts from the Industry, could be invited to judge these projects at the Expo and to choose the best IDP being presented. Suitable Innovation will be further given support by GTU Innovation Council ( if its meritorious) to develop final solution and possibly take to end user. The team should mention the below in the poster: What exact problem the team is solving Your Method/Approach of solving the problem/challenge What potential impact the proposed solution will bring What are the next steps to make a final usable solution out of your proof of concept Any feedback from end user while testing your proposed solution Others ( if any)
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