Cinque Terre

    Event Description(15th march):

    This event is to know why, how and what industries/startups in India replicate foreign model, add Indian touch and strategies to it and flourishes. Along with that, event focuses on role reversal of Indian practice- coming up with solutions and strategies which can touch billions of people, after-all 1 in every 6 of the world’s population is Indian!

    Round 1:

    Participants are supposed to prepare 5 examples in form of presentation containing 5 problems faced and solved by innovators of foreign countries which India has adopted, replicated in India like Uber inspired Ola, Amazon inspired flipkart, Airbnb inspired oyo etc

    Content: foreign concept, which Indian startup has replicated it, their implementation strategy, what Indian touch they have given according to Indian context, their pre-growth obstacles/problems and how they have overcome it.

    They are open to have any source to lookout startups though this can help/can take as reference,,,,, etc.

    Round 2:

    Considering the fact that 1 from every 6 in the world is Indian, we are in a country wherein we can understand and experience the difficulties/inconvenience/problems faced by 1/6th of the world. Participants are supposed to brainstorm and come up with 5 problems (not of broad governance issues or any complex societal issue which is out of scope for any individual to solve it in limited resources) which need attention, and which can impact billions of people.

    Round 3:

    Participants will be selecting 1 problem from their list which they wish to solve and will present 3 different ways to approach and solve it. After all, there can never be one way to solve any problem.

    Presentation can be in the form of PowerPoint presentation, photos, videos, document, role-play, or anything interesting they wish to.

    Ritesh patel-7383149073 ,Jilva Sheth:7575031761