Cinque Terre

The More you learn the more you earn

A quiz event which deals with company histories, business strategies, well known deals, people in news, acquisitions and future business developments.

    ROUND 1

    It is a written exam round. 20 MCQ will be asked in paper.But only 10 MCQs have options. 20 Questions-20 Answers-20 points No negative marking in case of wrong answers. Time Limit :- Half hour {As per points first 30 participants will get chance to step in next round.Others will be eliminated}

    ROUND 2 :- (team round)

    It is a identification round. Quiz master will ask questions by using images,brands,slogans. Team will be made by quiz master.Each team consists 3 participants. Quiz master will ask 5 questions to each team one by one. By answering a question team will get 5 points per one questions.If team A unable to answer,then question will be passed on to Team B.And if team B will answer the question,team B will get 3 points. Time limit for Answer the question 40 seconds. {As per points first 5 team will get chance to step in next round}

    ROUND 3

    It is a final buzzer individual round. Quiz master will ask 15 questions.15 questions-15 points There is a negative marking.If participant can not give the answer,he/she will get (-1)(minus 1)point. Out of the 15 participants,3 winners will be announced.{As per points 1st,2nd,3rd}

      For second round teams will be made by the event coordinator.No argue will be accepted related to team formation.
    • For final round, no argument will be accepted related to buzzer system,there will be a committee to choose who blow a buzzer first.
    • Interference related to answer of the question which one will be asked by Quiz master,will not ignored by committee.Coordinator will take the actions.
    • Keep your basic needs with you for the first round(written exam).
    • The participants will have to accept any last moment changes in event made by the coordinator.
    • Certificates will be given to all participants who are present in the event.

    A block Audi

    Deep Savsani: 8141065505