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Idea hit? Pitch it

In this event the people who have an Idea with a raw start-up plan who think their Idea can be useful in the market and want to Pitch before the judges and Public. People who want to know how strong their Idea can sustain the market can participate and Win for their Idea. People who are searching for new ideas and can vote for the Pitchers who are pitching their idea can participate as crowd investors.

    Round 1:
    This round is for the Pitchers team. In this round the team will make a PPT presentation for their Idea and how will they convert into a Start-up. This presentation will be submitted 2 days before the First day of the tech-fest via Email on The selection criteria will be based on following factors:

    • Idea/ Product Description or Features.
    • What’s innovative?
    • Users
    • Social impact.
    • Viability
    • Scalability

    Top best 10 Team will be selected for Round 2. The Teams which are disqualified for round 2 can also participate as crowd investor individually.
    Round 2: For Pitchers: team will pitch their Idea by mode of Presentation before the Judges and crowd explaining how they will convert this idea into a well-planned start-up. The only constraint is the presentation must not exceed Time limit of 5 Minutes.
    For Crowd investors: You need to vote every team of pitchers through a Google form and submit it at the end of the round.
    Top 5 Teams will be selected for the final (3rd) round. The result will be weighted by both Crowd investor’s votes and judge’s judgment- Equally.
    Round 3: All the 5 Pitching Team will be asked problems related to start-up. The team who answers more questions appropriately wins! There will also be questions which are passed by all the 3 teams to crowd investors and if appropriate answer is received there will be bonus price for them.

    • Every participant MUST have a Gmail account which could be accessible by him/her during the event on their mobile phones, Else they won’t be count as participants, and thus won’t receive any certificate even after registration.
    • The Disqualified team of Round 1 will only get participation certificates if they participate as crowd investors in Round 2 and stay till the end of the event.
    • Every Pitching team must have 3 Participants Exact.
    • For participating as crowd investor individual person should register.
    • The final winner will be decided by the judges and there shall be no change after declaration.
    • Participants will only get certificates if they participate till the end of the event.
    • The Pitchers will have to send the Presentation of their idea before 2 days of the tech fest on E-mail address.
    • The pitchers must not change their Idea which they are pitching throughout the event (from Round 1 till Round 3) If they do so they will be considered disqualified.
    • The Pitchers can change the PPT presentation for 2 nd Round but not the IDEA.
    • The Participants will have to accept any last moment changes in the programs made by the event coordinators.
    • Participation certificate will be same for Crowd investors and Pitchers. Except for winning team.

    GTU B0

    Poojan Gohel - 9427027178