Cinque Terre

Pitch to glory

In this competition, we are going to give entrepreneurs a platform to test their presentation and communication skills, all the entrepreneurs will try to impress and convince the various industry experts and renowned personalities in 3 minutes. We want them to feel the importance of each and every second they use to make their business better. You will be able to explore the viability and implementation of your project on large scale. After initial scrutiny, the competition is divided into 2 Rounds, where a 1st round is time-based whereas 2nd round is a questionnaire round. And if we quote Mark Zuckerberg “Not taking risk is the biggest risk.” We invite entrepreneurs from around the nation to come forward and grab the opportunity in the Start-up Street and achieve the goals they have always desired for. So come, Compete, Learn, grow and win exciting cash prizes.

    • Any aspiring startup can participate.
    • Registration is mandatory. Registration does not confirm your participation. The participants will be carefully selected by authorities based on submitted abstract/synopsis.
    • Selected top 50 startups(including Startup Street participants) will be notified 5 days prior to the competition.
    • In Round 1, selected top 50 startups have to pitch their startups on stage. Initially, you will be given 1.5 mins to pitch your idea. If the judges show green signal, then you can continue for another 1.5 mins else if they show red signal your time is over. Based on an evaluation by judges, top 10 startups will go in Round 2.
    • In Round 2, rapid questions to selected top 10 startups will be asked by judges. Based on overall performance, winner and runner up will be declared.
    • Max 3 members are allowed in a startup/team but, pitching can be done by only one member.
    • Use of electronic devices during pitching is strictly prohibited.
    • Final decision will be of judges/authorities.


    MD Shaifan: 9924385802