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Where innovation meets exposure

This event is for the startups who are working to solve the problems of the common people or are working to make everyday life of the common people better. Here in GTU Central TechFest each startup will get an opportunity to interact with various renowned incubators and industry experts. Each startup will get an opportunity to present their idea in one the biggest techfest of the state and thus they will be able to increase their reach and brand their startup in a new way. So come, explore and get the networking and various other help which will help your startup grow and to be a successful startup in future.

    On the platform of Startup Street we are inviting the honourable chief minister of the Gujarat, Shree Vijay Rupani to inspire the aspiring entrepreneurs around the nation, we are also contacting renowned Venture Capitalists, Investors, Incubation Centres to share their experience with the emerging entrepreneurs of the nation and boost the self- confidence. We believe that Startup Street is going to be one of the milestones in the success of their journey. We believe that all the participating Startups will have the audience of more than 20,000 and they will be able to pitch their ideas in front of the investors and incubators who might change their lives. A dream an entrepreneur always see is that society recognize his potential and adopt the changes he wants to make and make the society better bit by bit. Startup Street is an opportunity for the entrepreneurs around the nation to show their skills and all the hard work they have done till the date and their vision they hold in their optimistic eyes.

    • Any aspiring startup can participate.
    • The registration fee for Startup Street is 550 rupees. Initially, there is no fee for registration. After your registration is done, your application will be scrutinized by authorities. Among all the applications, best 30 startups will be selected. If your start-up is selected, then you will be informed by us to complete the payment process. If you fail to complete payment within given time, then your application will be rejected.
    • You will be provided one stall per start-up. Maximum 3 persons are allowed per start-up. Charging points will be available in stall to charge your electronic devices(Bring extension board if possible).
    • Food(Lunch) will be provided to all participants.
    • Selection of best startups will be done by authority on the basis of proper criteria. The decision taken by authority will be final.
    • Startups which have been selected and have registered for combo pack (Fee of combo pack(Startup Street + Minutes to millionaire) is 700 rupees.) will get direct entry into Round-1 (Top 30) of Minutes to Millionaire.


    Yash Modi: 9408347526
    Jaydip Patel: 9099921363
    Urjit Dave: 9409400725