Cinque Terre

A minute is the jury of fast and fury

It is enjoyable fun event. There are One minute physical games will be played. These games are related to our regular life and also very known games. It is played with some routine life things.

    Round 1:

    There will be individual Players. It's a game with spoon and thread. Players have to tie the spoons with thread. The player who will attach minimum 10 spoons are eligible to go in second round.

    Round 2:

    In this round balance is important with speed. There is compact disk, marbles and bottle. The player has to collect marbles one by one from bowl and balance them on CD. The player has to pass that marble through that hole between the CD with balance. This Marble has to compulsorily drop into the bottle which is put on the floor. The player who collect the more marbles in the bottle will go to the final round.The minimum target of marble is 3. 5 players who will collect more marbles in bottle will go further for final round.

    Round 3:

    In this round, There will be a tub filled with colouring water. In that there will be marbles. The player has to pick marbles out of tub with using two end point of chopsticks. The player who will pick out maximum no of marbles will be the clear winner.
    • Individual participants will be allowed.
    • Decision of Manager will be final. In case of any tie prize will be shared by winners.
    • Any misbehave of player may lead to disqualification.

    Garden in front of Boy's Hostel

    1. Drashti Darji :- 8460205011
    2. Krishna Domadiya :- 7048469365