Cinque Terre

The mystery starts here.

Do you ever solve a criminal case ?? Here is a chance to be a crime inspector. Here, in round 1 you are suppose to solve some mysterious puzzles for elimination round and then in round 2 participants will have to solve case usig crime scene to find suspects

    Round 1:

    Participants will be given 10 mysterious question on paper & they have to solve it on fly on paper only. They have to answer all question in given time .Winner will be decided on the basis of maximum no. of question solved correctly and on clash of time will be preferred .

    Round 2:

    This round will contain a murder scenes having clues at different places in which each clue will give path to next clue and finally collecting every clue participants needs to comes to the deduction of who is the culprit Also they need to complete the task in given time or else they needs to show how much clues they solved in given time.
    • Maximum group of 4 members are allow to participate
    1. Jain Harshil :- 8866776300
    2. Shah Surbhi :- 7802923218