Cinque Terre


This is a 3-round group event (2 - 4 members in a team). It is purely based on popular and loved tv series (F.R.I.E.N.D.S, GOT, Sherlock Holmes, etc.). First round is a tv series related que/ans round. Second round will be full of mysteries. It will give all the sherlockians a chance to live the character of British detective SHERLOCK HOLMES. Last round will be a rapid-fire round

    Round 1:Are you a diehard fan

    • As the name suggests, this will be a Q/A round. All questions will be related to some famous TV SHOWs. Teams are supposed to solve all the answers within given time limit.

    Round 2:Been_addicted to sherlock

    • Winners of 1st round will be eligible for treasure hunt event.
    • All the teams would have to solve mysteries by following a series of clues which will lead them further in the game.

    Round 3 : Rapid fire round

    • This final round will test the spontaneity of the contestants. The team that correctly answers the maximum number of questions will be declared as winner.
    • Team should be of 4 members. Interaction should be between team members only.
    • Mobiles can be used by participants for limited time when event host gives permission.
    • Use of vehicle is strictly prohibited.
    • In case of any conflict, decision of the organizers would be final and no further arguments would be considered.
    • Taking photos is not allowed.

    M- 303

    1. Sahil Khatri :- 9558222840
    2. Pooja patel :- 9924982293