Cinque Terre

Bollywood ke deewane huye pagal...

It is basically related to the bollywood movie, It consists of three round in which Que-Ans (OMR) , Dumbseras & guess dialogue from mute video etc. Will play by participates.

    Round 1:

    In this round, 20 OMR in paper will be given to the Participate teams, which team has more points they will go to the next round.Time limit for this round is 10 minutes.

    Round 2:

    In this round, Dumb charades game will be played by participated teams. From team, one member will select cheats provided by us in which movie name be written by us, that member will act without saying word, to elaborate movie name. Other team member will guess that movie name. Whichever team will pass this round, they will go in next round. Time limit for this round is 2 minutes.

    Round 3:

    In this round, Team will guess the dialogue/Song from the mute video, which will played by us on the projector. There will be buzzer over there, which team will push 1st it, chance to that team will given.
    • Group Member: Minimum 2, Maximum 3
    • Negetive marking in first & final round.
    • Time limit 2 minute for 2nd round.
    • If any argument will done, Decision of Event Manager will be taken as final decision.
    • Any misbehave will be result in disqualify the team.
    • Further rules may be invented only by manager if necessary.
    1. Prajapati Shrey :- 8128500590
    2. Mehta Sanyam :- 8460737948