Cinque Terre

Get your guns & smash the ground.

Counter Strike is very well known for lan gaming. It will be a knock-out based game with teams competing with each other within a specific time decided for each round. Get ready to shoot, battle and knock down other teams.

    Counter Strike is very well known for LAN gaming. It has been the event for gamers since around last 2 decades. If you are one of them and if you want to showcase your talent to all in lan gaming than fill up the forms and get ready to shoot the battles. This event is going to be wars of between teams consisting of 5 members each. So according to total number of team the first round for elimination will be held on first day of techfest. Quarter-final, Semi-final and Final rounds will be played on the second day of techfest. Each match will have 5 rounds in which each round will be around 1 minute 45 seconds. The team in game are offense (Terrorist) and defence (Counter-Terrorist). Which team you want to be during match will be decided by toss. The instructions to choose the map to be played will be given at the event venue. Map Pool: de_torn de_inferno de_nuke de_vostok de_aztec de_inferno (The map pool may change prior to the tournament.)


    • Offense : Terrorist Side
    • Defence Counter : Terrorist Side
    • Number of players per team : 5 (Not more or less)
    • Competition Method : 5 vs. 5
    • Round : One 1 minute 45 second cycle on a map.
    • Buy time : 15 seconds
    • Start money : $800 for regulation play
    • Freeze time : 15 seconds
    • C4 Timer : 35 seconds
    • Half : 15 rounds of play on a defending or offensive side.
    • Half time : The period between halves in which teams swap sides.
    • Match : First team to win 16 total rounds, or the single overtime round.
    • Max Rounds Format : 15 rounds as Offense and 15 rounds as Defence per team until the victory condition is met.
    • Victory Condition : The first team to win 16 rounds in regulation or the team that wins the overtime period.
    1. Swapnil Vasava :- 9408399168
    2. Neel Suratwala :- 9512472433