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Distraction the Attraction!!!

Distraction is an interesting and fun-filled game. It is an individual game. The main aim of this game is to distract the person who has been given a task. It will be fascinating to see how the player will be able to concentrate and win the game in spite of the distraction all around.

    Round 1:

    For the first round the participants will be given a numbers to say in a particular order. They have to say the numbers without breaking the sequence.

    Round 2:

    In this round there will be a handkerchief kept inside a circle. The participant has to enter inside the circle and stand on one foot. Standing on one foot he/she has to bend and without losing the balance they have to pick up the handkerchief.

    Round 3:

    The final round will test the concentration power of the participant. They will be given a ball and accordingly instructions will be given to them. When it is said to catch the ball they don't have to catch it and vice versa.
    • Even there should not be hand movement when there is no need to catch the ball.The least scorer will be eliminated. At the end of this round 3 out of 4 participants will move to next round.
    • The twist in the game is after finding the clue the toast have to be eaten by the participant without having water or any other liquid.

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