Cinque Terre

A group who can move as one...

There will be race between two groups. In each group, There will be four members who would be covered with cloth vertically. They will have to move forward with the cloth such that they will move forward by rotating the cloth keeping their feet on it.

    Round 1:

    There will be competition between two or three teams. The team which crosses the line first will qualify for the next round.

    Round 2:

    The difficulties will be increased in second round. There will be hurdles in path.

    Round 3:

    This round is same as per round 2.

    Round 4:

    In this round, they have to come return as per rules and winner will be decided.
    • If anyone fall then team will be disqualified.
    • If any team member step out of belt then they disqualified.
    • If they break the belt then team will be disqualified.

    I Block Ground (Left Side)

    1. Kinjal Patel :- 9106736849
    2. Manthan Sakariya :- 8980920443