Cinque Terre

Hurdles are fun when you have right person beside you

    Round 1:

    • There will be a path with the hurdles like tyres, chairs, bottles, rod, etc.
    • Only team of two participants is required.
    • One will be blind folded and another will guide him to cross the whole path.
    • 4/8 team which successfully cross path without touching any hurdle will go to next round.
    • If participants are too many then only fastest team will be selected for next round.

    Round 2:

    • The participant who was guiding in first round will do this round.
    • Whoever lasts for more time will be winner of the game.
    • The one who finishes the fastest without disturbing the hurdles will be selected for the next round.

    Garden between G block and H block

    1. Parin Shah :- 9428019225
    2. Jeet Savani :- 7383595893