Cinque Terre

Color hearts through faces.

? In the following event, First member of the team will paint the face of the second member through their own creativity, innovation and design using provided paint colours kit.

    • Time limit of the event : 60 minutes
    • Number of teams : 100(i.e. 200 participants) approximately.
    • All the participants will be judged on their creativity, innovation, and design. The competitors have to paint at a time within the given time limit at the specified location.
    • A panel of judges will decide the winner.
    • The participant must complete the task within the given time limit.
    • Only one participant has to paint the face of the other team mate.
    • Competitors are not permitted to refer photos or any other drawing during the event.
    • The participant must paint abiding the following rules.
    • The part of the face below eyebrows and above eyelashes must not be painted.
    • Ranging from forehead to chin, the area of the face must be painted.
    • Ears can be a part of the painting.
    • Participants can use black sketch pen to make outline of the painting taking care that the black lines are not visible at the end.
    • Use of any kind of geometrical instruments like ruler, compass etc. is not allowed.
    • Use of any type of stamps or masks is not permitted.

    A block Parking

    1. Riya Belani :- 9099925126
    2. Priyanshi Jain :- 8460535212