Cinque Terre

FIRST,Let me take a Selfie!!!

Ever tried to take selfies by solving puzzles? In our event you are suppose to take selfies as per given situation and at given location. Capture this lovable moments in three rounds.

    Round 1:

    In First Round Participant have to take a best selfies in given time limit.Candidate for the 2nd round will be selected on the basis of best selfies in given time.

    Round 2:

    In Second Round participant take a best selfie on based on emoji which given by us.

    Round 3:

    In this round participant will take short video on the basis of situation which Given by us.Participant have to take a selfie video with a group having fun in campus.

    Round 4:

    First of all participant solve the puzzle and take a selfie at appropriate location.
    • Participant has to take maximum 2 selfies in given time.

    Opposite to WorkShop(Behind J)

    1. Jinita Patel :- 7405070540
    2. Jimmy Patel :- 9033110950