Cinque Terre

Set your sights high.

Central Techfest'18 presents the event on today's one of the booming technologies that are drones. If you want to show your talent and skills in not only making but also flying the copter then it's a great opportunity for you. Because it is "More than just flying..."

  • The main objective of this whole competition is to judge the knowledge and skills of all the participants in the field of Robotics, and so participants should also know that how to fly a drone in present of hurdles and barriers.

  • Price Worth : 15000/-

      Round 1

      In this round, participants there will be a race track and they have to complete that track in minimum time to qualify the second round.

      Round 2:

      In the second round,the participants will have to pass the copter in the areas made in the event spot. Here,the judging criteria will be both time and point based. The points would be given according to the number of hurdles passed by the copter and thus the bot which have crossed the maximum number of point will be qualified for the next round.

      Round 3:

      The third round will be more difficult than the second round and the participants have to fly the copter between the various shapes made at the event spot. The copter will get points according to the number of rings the participants have passed and bonus would be given when the participant will pass the copter from the ring of smaller dimension.
      • Copters should be autonomous.
      • A team can take part with one copter and replacement of parts of copter will be allowed.
      • If the copter damages in the arena, judges have the rights to eliminate a stage/ checkpoint/ complete participation.
      • In case of any damage to your copter, organizers are not responsible for the damage.
      • Team deciding to take part should bring their own copter and all other necessary accessories.
      • One will be informed about the track and rules after registration is done.
      • The participants are requested to assume nothing without conforming it from the event organizers.
      • They should also bring your charger and also bring the college ID card.
      • In any case participation fees will not be refundable.
      • Certificates will be provided to all the participants presented on the event day.
      • In case of any miss behavior or violating any rules and any discrepancies, the coordinator's decision will be final.
      • Note that at point of time, the latest information will be that on the site. Registered participants will be informed through mail about any change.
      • The coordinators have the right to change any or all of the above rules as per the circumstances.
      • Any type of change in rules will be uploaded on the website prior to the event.

      Specification :

      • Copters should be fitted in the cube of 80*80*50 cm3 and 5% tolerance will be allowed.
      • Maximum 8 propellers will be allowed in a copter.
      • The obstacles will be built according to the dimensions defined earlier. No further changes in the dimensions will be done.

      Team specification :

      • Each team should consist of maximum 4 participants.
      • Individual participant can also take part in the event.

      Garden besides D-block

      1. Dhiraj Sindhi :- 9662572214
      2. Mehul Joshi :- 9909755372