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Hustle and hit but never quit.

Ever heard of robot playing hockey? BOT Hockey is an event based on the controlling of robot while playing an innovative version of the sports game Ice Hockey. The event is a robotic event which consists of four rounds having various difficulties. Higher the rounds, higher are the difficulties. Participants will be able to learn new technical skills and will be introduced with new mechanism and the team coordination will be the main factor they will be introduced.

Price Worth : 10000/-

    Round 1:

    This round will be an individual robot round where each robot will have to score in minimum time from given position.

    Round 2:

    In this round, there will be a mechanism which will make the level more difficult.

    Round 3:

    In this round, the goal post will be on a rotating platform and there will also other hurdles to increase the difficulties.
    • The basic rule of this event is "your robot must be able to hit the ball and the same robot should be able to throw/hit ball to the Goal post".
    • If a participant is unable to hit a ball in the goal post in given time limit they will not be qualified to the next round.
    • Each participant must hit the ball.
    • Dragging or hitting mechanism will be allowed
    • Participants are not allowed to touch or drag the robot for controlling purpose. If the robot falls down or start to malfunction, touches are allowed in such cases.
    • The robot must hit or throw the ball, being behind the starting line. If the line is crossed, penalty will be given.
    • Each match will be conducted by choosing random opponents.
    • All the required accessories have to be brought by the participants.
    • The participants are not allowed to damage the track, or indulge in any argument with coordinator as this will lead to disqualification of their robot.
    • The batteries can be recharged only during the breaks.
    • Coordinators reserve the right to ask for the explanation of the robot.
    • Any type of change in rules will be uploaded on the website prior to the event.

    Specification :

    • The robot size must be 35cm*30cm*30cm in all direction.
    • The robot should not exceed 4kg of weight.
    • The robot is should be able to move on a smooth surface.
    • There should either a hitting mechanism or dragging mechanism attached to the robot.
    • Potential at any point on the Robot should not exceed 12V. Participants cannot draw power from outside.
    • The robot can be powered electrically only. The use of IC engine in any form is not allowed.
    • The total length of wire extending from the remote control to the robot must be minimum of 4 to 4.5 meters.
    • If the Robot is using an external wireless remote control, make sure that it has sufficient range and that it can control the machine well without any lag.

    Team specification :

    • A team may consist of 4 members maximum or 2 minimum members.
    • Students from different institutes can form a team for the event.
    • Each team is allowed to have only one Robot for every round.
    • Student should carry the valid college identity cards of their respective institute at the time of reporting.

    Evaluation Criteria :

    • Judging will be done by event coordinators.
    • It will be based on time criteria the best of the outcomes will be selected on the second round.
    • In the further rounds the participants will be introduced with the difficulties.
    • Next round based on the face of system and the coordinators will going to select the winning team on the basis of the goals scored.
    • Decision made by the event head will be final and acceptable in any cases.
    • The decision of the coordinator will be final and the rules may vary for the successful complication of the event.
    • Certificate of participation will be given to all participants.

    Triangle area besides boy's hostel

    1. Urvashi Khubani :- 9974695040
    2. Deep Acharya :- 8140688908