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What is Line Follower? In simple words, it is a kind of robot that can follow a specific path. The path can be a black line on white surface (or vice-versa.).Participants should have to complete the paths as per rules and regulations mentioned below. Event is divided in 2 rounds. One round each day..

Price Worth : 10000/-

    Track: Event will be held in the room and the line to be followed would of white color or black color. Track on both the day would be different..

    Round 1:

    First round is called qualifying round. It will consist of 5 checkpoints. Robot must complete all checkpoints in a time. If the robot will complete checkpoints in the decided time then the bonus points will be given to the participants. Path would contain certain obstacle (the main difficulties are specified before week of the event) and the robot must not touch those obstacles and just follow the line. Maximum of 5clashes with the obstacle would be permitted. If the robot clashes more than 5 times then it would be immediately disqualified. Winners of round will be able to perform in final. Robot which finishes all the checkpoints and reaches to the destination in the specified time would be nominate for the next round.

    Round 2:

    In the round2 path will get tougher. Number of obstacle would be increase to make the path more complex. Winner of round 2 will be declared as the winner of the event.
    • Robot must be fully autonomous. No manual controlling is allowed.
    • If no robot reaches the destination then the one who has travelled the maximum distance with minimum clashes would be regarded as winner.
    • The robot cannot jump or skip any part of track.
    • In case of any tie same rules will be applied.
    • In case of any dispute the result of judges would be regarded as final.
    • All the teams would have to bring their own robot for competition. No hardware would be provided at the time of competition.
    • The organizers reserve the rights to disqualify any team indulging in any kind of misbehavior.
    • Certificate of participation would be provided to each and every team present over there.
    • Only winning team will get the winners certificate.
    • Any type of change in rules will be uploaded on the website prior to the event.

    Specification :

    • Maximum of 4 members will be allowed in each team.
    • Team members can be from any college any department.
    • Students must bring their ID card at the time of competition.

    Evaluation Criteria :

    • Each team will score certain points based on number of checkpoints covered and time taken for that.
    • Firstly, the robot should clear all the checkpoints.
    • Second is if the robot finishes the difficulties in a decided time then bonus points will be given to that participant.
    • There is no restriction on the number of sensors used in the bot but more priorities will be given to the bot whose sensors are less in case of a tie.
    • Robot can skip 10 cm of path but if robot will skip checkpoint path then extra penalty will give for that and that skip will consider as a hand touch also.

    E-block between center

    1. Sarthak Jain :- 9265969914
    2. Parth Modi :- 7778958766