Cinque Terre

Break it" and learn to "Make it

To know about Internal Combustion Engine and also to know how to assemble as well as dismantle the engine within required amount of time.

    Confidence in practical knowledge is equally important with theory concepts. Assemble and Dismantle of engine will create awareness among the students about the position of each parts in IC Engine. Maximum number of Students allowed are 5 per team and Minimum number of students required are 3 per team.

    Round Description :

    Round 1:Quiz related to IC/Automobile stream Category Questions Marks/Questions Total Marks MCQ type 30 X 1= 30.
    Round 2:Group Discussion on I.C Engine.
    Round 3:Finalised the first 5 team from the above quiz model and distribute 4 stroke engine (with tool kit) to each team.Dismantle of Engine parts (Gear box/ Clutch/ Cylinder head).Give identification to each parts, and measure its dimensions.
    Round 4:Assemble the components of IC Engine within given time frame.

    Learning outcome: Construction, Assembly, Identification and Position of IC Engine components (Gearbox/ Clutch/ Cylinder head)
    • Participant must wear shoes.
    • Any damage will cause penalty to that particular group.
    • Missing of any parts or tools will cause disqualification.
    • No external help will be permitted.
    • For healthy and successful completion of an event, coordinators have right to change the rules and regulations on the spot. Any argument against it won't be entertained.

    M103 and Workshop

    1. Maulik Patel


    2. Rajan Patel