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trigger your ideas to launch the missile

We chemical engineers are very experts at explosive ideas, but wait a second, for here you need to get your mind on a way that can go much far as possible but without explosion, and that is the main point here. So get yourself ready for the event "Chemo-missile". Prepare a missile from any material that would use no explosive chemicals and would take the minds of each and every one present there to the highest point one can imagine and if you worth it, then you are just going to create history.

    Round 1 :

    All the participants will have 3 chances and maximum horizontal distance will be considered from these 3 chances.

    Round 2 :

    The missiles is not to attend not only a horizontal distance but also have to attend a max speed too. Winners will be announced on the basis of horizontal distance attended and maximum speed.

    Round 3 :

    In this round participants should try to reach accurate horizontal distance as per given.For ex. A prop placed at 70 metre.
    • Only team entries are eligible, a team shall consist of minimum 3 participants and max. 5 participants .
    • Maximum 3 chances will be given to participants and highest distance among all 3 chances will be considered.
    • Any toxic materials and chemicals are not allowed.
    • Maximum horizontal distance will be taken as a final result from those 3 chances.
    • Detailed information about round will be given on the day of event.
    • The projectile would be launched from a common launching pad, launcher pad and hand pump for chemical missile will be given from event organizers.
    • The decision of the event manager will be final and will not be subjected to any change.

    In front of gtu building

    1. Prince Abhangi


    2. Ronak Hirpara