Cinque Terre

  • Do you have, what it takes to Build a business empire ?
  • Do you think you can handle your assets & liabilities efficiently ?
  • Do you think you can escape the rat race ?

If yes, Then, this is the platform you were looking so far, To test your entrepreneur skills.

    Round 1 :

    • You will find yourself with high salaries and a stock pile of liabilities to pay, which every common man has when he starts to build an empire.
    • There will be a board which you will be playing this game on, there will be paychecks as you pass the mark of months end. From which your taxes and your liabilities will be already paid.
    • There will be promotion, there will be crashes,there will be oppurtunities to invest ,there will be profits and losses at every mark you pass.
    • This is not a game of luck, the one who makes the smart decision will gain the most profits and start earning the passive income.
    • There will be two circles on the board, the inner one will be the Rat-race, and outer one will be the Fast-track.
    • In this round your only task is to decrease your liabilities,and increase your assets as soon as possible.
    • The first two groups on the each table to exit the rat-race will be promoted to the 2nd round.
    • Time limit :- 60 minutes.

    Round 2 :

    • Now, the real challenge begins, the game will be same as the round one but your liabilities will increase, and also the risk in investment will go up.
    • You will have to keep an eye on your financial statement as you move your mark.
    • You can get the loan from the bank there with considerable amount of intrest which will be deducted at every months paycheck.
    • Here, the game will not end only by getting onto the fast track you have to increase you income in the fast-track also, the oppurtunities in this will pay more but also will have a larger risk.
    • The first two groups on the each table to exit the rat-race will be promoted to the final round.
    • Time limit :- 90 minutes.

    Round 3 :

    • Top six teams from the last round will be competing on one table only the bold three will be winning the game.
    • The one with the most Bold moves will win and become the "CASH-KING".
    • There will be one winner and two runner ups.
    • The first and foremost thing, an entreprenuer has, is 'Discipline'. so, please " Keep calm and play CASH-FLOW"
    • The decision of the managing committee will be final and abiding.
    • Raise your objections with care, or else if found wrong, fine will be deducted from your paycheck
    • Any group found cheating will be disqualified on the spot.
    1. Akshat Mistry


    2. Krishna Panchal