Cinque Terre

capture chemical world around you

    Round 1 :Elimination round :

    You have to bring your clicked photograph and give presentation showing its relatibility with chemical engineering aspect in day to day

    Round 2 :Debate round :

    A photo will be shown to you and you have o debate on either pros or cons of the shown photo. Winner of the respective debate round will be qualified for the next round.

    Round 3 :Final Round

    In this round you have to click the photo of the activities going on in the campus and explain its chemical aspects.
    • Team participation is only allowed, team should consist of minimum 2 persons or maximum 4 persons.
    • You should bring the photocopy (hard copy) of your photograph.
    • Your explanation for the photo should be in any language Hindi and English.
    • Your time for the presentation should not exit 5 mins.
    • Photograph should be such that, it should reflect the role of chemical engineering in day to day life.
    • The decision of the managers will final and would not be subjected to any change.
    • The photo should not be illogical.

    H-204 (Block H)

    1. Harsh lakhani


    2. Nidhi Parmar