Cinque Terre

The BRAIN is wider than the SKY

As this is a quiz event, participant has to qualify various rounds to become a winner. This event will increase the participant knowledge in the field of civil, along with the good experience of attending various rounds of quiz event.

    Round 1:(Elimination Round)

    Depending on the number of registered entries, the first round will be the elimination round consisting of pen and paper based mcqs, which will be based on the general civil engineering out of which some numbers of team will be selected (approx top 50 percentile from all entries).

    Round 2:(Picture Round)

    Qualifying teams from round 1 will have to analyze the pictures shown to them on projector and they have to answer them on provided blank paper.

    Round 3 :(Rapid Fire Round)

    Qualifying teams from round 2 will have to face heat of rapid fire questions.

    ROUND 4 : (Final Round)

    Finalists team have to face different series of question which will include

    • Puzzle
    • Audio/Visual
    • Buzzer
    • Necessary accessories like pencil, eraser etc. should be bring by teams.
    • No mobile phones or other study material is allowed during competition.
    • If any of the team or team members misbehaves then they will be disqualified on the spot.
    • Under any circumstances the event managers have rights to make changes and take necessary decisions.


    1. Each team will consist of minimum 2 and maximum 4 members.
    2. Students from different institutes can form a team for the event.
    3. Student should carry college ID cards with them at the time of reporting.
    4. Switching of team members during the on-going event will not be allowed.
    N-104( Both the day)
    1. Vivek Khemka-9510486660
    2. Siddhant Jain-9725523213