Cinque Terre

Code less live longer

Team have to minimize the code length of 3 codes in round 1, need to create 3 minimize codes from the start for given definition or output in whatever way you can in round 2 and round 3 is like rapid fire round of 5 questions.

    Round 1:

    you'll have to reduce a pre-given code. Here, Total 3 codes are given to you. You have to do your best to make it shorter.

    Round 2:

    you shall write a program in the least number of characters as possible. Here also you have 3 definitions or output for which you have to create program.

    Round 3 :

    In final showdown there is a situation like "RAPID FIRE" . Total 5 questions given one by one which team come first with answer gets points.

    • The duration is like this: Round 1 take 30 minutes, round 2 take 40 minutes and round 3 take nearly 30 mins.
    • The decision of organizers is final for selecting the participants for the event.
    • You cannot discuss strategy, suggestions or tips with other participants.
    • The decision of the judge is final for all prizes and awards.
    • Misbehavior or violence of any sort will lead to direct elimination of that group.
    • Internet usage is sternly forbidden.
    • Please comply with all the instructions from the organizers.

    Lab D-202, D-203

    1. Jaimin Joshi- 7359537633
    2. Harsh Kansagra- 8780464808