Cinque Terre

Arduino is body, Code is soul

This event is arduino based event in which there will be a team of maximum two members and they should have knowledge of arduino.

    Round 1:

    A test based on arduino microcontroller will be held in elimination round. Team which will complete the test in less time will proceed to round 2.

    Round 2:

    In second round, participants will have to debug the errors from the given codes and programs and then correct the entire code and compile it.

    Round 3:

    In third round participants will have to interface the given components with arduino. Interfacing device may be LCD or other sensors commonly used with arduino.

    • No. of participants in a team 1 to 3.
    • Team must carry a Laptop with ArduinoIDE installed.
    • Basic Knowledge of Arduino is required.
    • No books are allowed in the competition hall.
    • If a team is found cheating, they will be immediately eliminated.
    • Event manager can change the rules if necessary.
    • Test is MCQ or short answer type and 20 teams including zonal teams will be selected for next round.
    • Zonal level teams will be directly entered into 2nd round.
    • Top 6 teams which will complete the task in less time will proceed to round 3.
    • Top 3 teams will be declared as winner which completes the task in less time.

    C 206 & B 202

    1. Jayrajsinh Zala


    2. Pushprajsinh Rayjada