Cinque Terre

FAST is fine but ACCURACY is everything

It is an event which is to be carried out using Theodolite. This will increase the knowledge about the surveying work to be done on the field and will help the participants in future.

    Round 1:Technical knowledge

    In this session, a written test will be conducted and questions will be based on Theodoilte Surveying. It is MCQ based pattern. This session starts at 10:30am (max 11:00am) and ends at 12:00am.

    Round 2:Site Survey

    In this session, participants have to survey on site using theodolite and measure the angle and distance. There will be time limit within which one has to finish the task allotted. This session may start at 1:00pm.

    • Necessary accessories like pen etc. should be brought by participants.
    • no mobile phones or other study material is allowed during competition.
    • If any of the members misbehaves then he/she will be disqualified on the spot.
    • Under any circumstances the event managers have the rights to take necessary decisions.


    1. Students from different institutes can take part in the event.
    2. Student should carry college ID cards with them at the time of reporting.
    3. Event is based on individual participation.
    N-104 & Ground opp. N block
    1. Vekaria Darshil


    2. Vamja Bhagyesh