Cinque Terre

If u know then only you grow.

This event is based on your technical knowledge. There will questions of different types based on your fundamental electrical and electronics knowledge.

    Round 1:

    In this round participants will have to give return test in which participants will have to answer some basic questions related to electronics and electrical circuits and machines. Suppose we have 20 teams. We will select 9 of them for next round.

    Round 2:

    This is a buzzer based round in which we will ask them knowledge base questions. From this round we will select 3 teams for next round.

    Round 3 :

    This is rapid fire round . Every team have to face 10 knowledge based questions rapidly. After this 3rd round, winner will be declared based on performance of all rounds.

    • Every participate will get certificate of participation.
    • Each team can consist of 1- 3 members.
    • In case of any ambiguity, event managers' decision is final.

    B 207 & B 204

    1. Swapnil Bhut


    2. Bhavesh Ambaliya