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Entrepreneurs? Deck is an event related to Management field. There are two rounds , participant have to create B-plan for a given existing start up case studies and present in front of their founder entrepreneurs. Golden opportunity to meet actual start up entrepreneurs of Ahmedabad, for students who wants to be Entrepreneur.

    During this event, teams of 3-5 MBA students will make a presentation around a selected startup(Host Institute will provide Pitch Deck/Brief Case of 8-10 Startups. Each participating team will make a presentation involving Business Model Canvas(BMC), SWOT and PESTLE analysis of a particular startup. The team members, presenting the startup will act as virtual CXO's of that enterprise, and present in front of the jury. The real startups whose case studies/ Pitch Deck have been used for the competition will also be the part of the jury.

    Round 1 :

    Participating team need to register for the competition. The abstract/Pitch Deck/Micro Case of the existing stratup will be given to the particular team on the basis of the given condition. participating team have to make the BMC,SWOT and PESTLE analysis , B-plan on the mentioned Instructions. All the team needs to make a word document. The participating teams should send the document, through the electronic medium.

    Round 2 :PowerPoint Presentation (On-Campus Round)

    Shortlisted teams will be invited to campus for final round. The teams must present the Business plan to the panel of Judges and startups , as a PowerPoint presentation. On the basis of performance team will be awarded.
    • Team size: 3-5 individuals per team.
    • Participants must register for the event first.
    • Registration must be done by any one member of the team only, on behalf of the team.
    • Each team can submit only one entry. Multiple entries from a team are not permissible and will hence be disqualified. A specific number of teams from this online selection shall be invited to participate in the main event at GTU.
    • Acceptance and rejections of proposals are governed by rules and regulations of the organizing committee and are based completely on their discretion. In case of any conflicts, the call of the organizers would be final.
    1. Dhruvil Brahmbhatt


    2. Pallash Mukherjee