Cinque Terre

Let your reaction bring solution.

Chain Reaction is a mechanism in which a series of devices are deliberately over-engineered to perform a simple task in a complicated fashion. Things are linked together to produce a domino effect in which activating one device triggers the next device in the sequence. .

    Set your grey cells to the task, let your imagination run wild, let creativity take the lead and let your approach be totally unconventional. Enthral the judges and the audience with your ability to convolute the simplest of actions with an infinite array of steps! All you need is planning, innovation, efficiency in steps and use of materials to stay in the reckoning because it is ?The only place where you will get more marks for beating around the bush!!?
    • A team can have max. 5 members.
    • Arena Specification: 7ft*7ft.
    • Participants have to make and bring their own models using waste materials with minimum 4 different energy conversions. After that it can be repeated.
    • The output of the final conversion should be shown by some useful work like blowing a fan, hoisting a flag etc.
    • Bonus points are awarded for innovation & extra energy conversions, eco-friendly contraption and shall be decided by Judges and coordinators.
    • Participants are required to submit the detailed abstract of their contraption. It should contain how you are going to perform, explaining each and every step, total number of steps, number of different energy conversions, total number of energy conversions. Participants can make flowcharts to explain any step.
    • Participants are required to bring their own materials for the contraption set-up. No material will be issued on-site.
    • An initial setup time of 180 minutes will be given to each team.
    • Contraption must be safe and use of explosives is not allowed.
    • Only two trials or attempts are allowed.
    • A setup time of 60 minutes will be given for second trial.
    • Maximum 3 hand touches are allowed, for further hand touches points will be deducted or may lead to disqualification.
    • Only one power supply is allowed.
    • If you want to use any other electronic items (i.e. mobile, battery, solenoid, etc) then mention it at the time of starting the competition.
    • Event managers as well as the Coordinator can change the rules as per the situation.

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