Cinque Terre

Preparing a strategy and action plan/DPR for doubling the village income.

    Rural India has a huge potential which is untapped, and if we want to make India to a super power we need to integrate rural India with technology. This event is an initiative to provide students an opportunity to apply their management skills and create new business models for rural India. The participating teams would select any village for which they need to prepare a strategy, business Plan, around various resources and activities including the branding and sales promotion strategies. The Goal is to double the income of village from existing level, in next 5 years. In the national economy, of India; agriculture, manufacturing, services plays crucial role. Whereas if we look at discrete village economy, predominantly the contribution comes from, only agriculture sectors. Through this event, teams would submit their strategy plan, based on case of a particular village, and best teams will be awarded.

    Round 1 :

    Select a sample village. Study its economic model. Create a 5 year plan to increase its GDP, to make it double as that of current scenario. To do so teams can propose innovative business plan leveraging existing resources in the village, and create new entrepreneurship opportunities. Submit the brief plan to the Event Manager of Host Institution. You can submit the plan by Presentation, paper work sheet or by making a model. After submitting their plan, the teams have to explain the plan briefly to the Event Manager.

    Round 2 :

    Shortlisted team will have to present the final presentation in front of the panel of judges. Teams have to explain whole plan to the panel of judges with the help of PPT. The best 3 teams will become winner , 1st runner up and 2nd runner up
    • The competition is open for undergraduate as well as postgraduate students.
    • Team size: 3-5 individuals per team.
    • Participants must register for the event first, and they have to submit their reports/plan/model (you can make both plan and model) to the Host Institutes.
    • Registration must be done by any one member of the team only, on behalf of the team.
    • The other members of the team must not register themselves individually. Details of the other members shall have to be submitted along with the event pertinent task.
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    2. Harmya Patel