Cinque Terre

Let your skills and knowledge defy the rules of gravity

This event consist of three rounds based on gravity and its effects. The first round will be a MCQ test paper based on gravity. The second round consist practical game of wooden blocks based on stability. The first and second round will be cumulatively resulting in eliminations and the third round will be the deciding round of winner .

    Round 1:

    The first round will be MCQ base test consisting of 20 questions each caring 1 point if answered correctly.

    Round 2:

    The second round will be a practical game where the participants will be given a structure consisting of rectangular wooden blocks and they will be asked to remove maximum possible blocks in given period of time.

    Round 3:

    This round will be the deciding round in this participants will be given circular base of 5cm diameter. The participants will be asked to build the structure will the given rectangular wooden blocks, such that the structure remains stable under small disturbance , and should be pleasant in appearance. The dimensions of the blocks will be 12cm*3cm*3 cm which will used in second as well as third round. The dimensions of the circular disk/plate used in third round will be 5cm diameter and 1 cm thick.
    • No mobile phones will be allowed in the first round.
    • No videography will be allowed.
    • Any kind of indiscipline will be treated strictly.
    • The judges decision will be final.
    1. Prajapati Dhruv : 9979002584
    2. Patel Renish : 9925916732