Cinque Terre

Logic leads to Great Design

This event is totally based on knowledge of basic logic gates and their circuits. These events consist three rounds.

    Round 1:

    In first round each team will be given question paper to check basic electric knowledge.

    Round 2:

    In second round selected teams will be given circuits drawn on the paper to solve.

    Round 3:

    In final round selected teams will be given logic gates to make circuit on bread board within time period.

    • No of participants in a team 1-3.
    • Basic knowledge of logical gates is required.
    • No books are allowed in competition hall .
    • Answers are to be written only once at a time, no correction.
    • Marking of answers should be with pen.

    G-103 & G -105

    1. Chauhan Nilrajsinh


    2. Bhatt Anuj