Cinque Terre

Show your Charm, when water operates the Arm.

The Robotic Manipulator Arm extends the flexibility of workstations by transporting material more efficiently and quickly between worktable, peripheral devices and assembly lines etc. A subclass of more general family of Robots, the Industrial Robots. An industrial robot is officially defined by ISO as an automatically controlled, reprogrammable, multipurpose manipulator programmable in three or more axes. Despite its numerous possible usages, it finds most widespread usage in manufacturing industry.

    WATER is a non-conventional source of energy, keeping this in mind, we present 'HYDRAULIC ARM', a mechanism which cleans a dump yard without the use of conventional sources. It helps reduce pollution and makes our environment greener. Participants are expected to design a hydraulic arm. The arm stays stationary in the arena, picks up cups (any elements) and places them on platforms at different heights on the arena.

    Round 1 :

    There are totally five cups, out of which two cups are inverted. Participants need to lift the cups present in the arena and place them on the respective platform of different heights.

    Round 2 :

    The task provided to the participants is to lift the lettered cups (it will be shuffled) which will be inverted using the arm and place them on the right table tennis balls such that they form the given word. Since the balls are easily displaceable, they are supported on a perforated cardboard.

    Round 3 :

    In the 3rd and the final round the selected participants will have to make their hydraulic arm to lift objects with different weights, gradually the lower weight will be replaced by heavier weight and so on.
    • The team includes maximum of 3 members.
    • Use of batteries, electrical motors, springs, compressor and pressurized cylinders is prohibited.
    • Maximum movement of arm should be up to 40cm in height
    • The fluid used inside the syringes should be water only. Mixing of salts or oils in water is prohibited.
    • There is no restriction in the number of degrees of freedom used in arm.
    • The control of the machine should, only be done by syringes. A maximum of two people are allowed to control the machine.
    • All the joints of the arm must be operated manually.
    • In case of any discrepancy, decision of the judges would be treated as final.
    • Event managers as well as the Coordinator can change the rules as per the situation.
    Materials Allowed: Syringes, Straws/Tubes, Wood (cardboard), Metallic frames, Rubber bands, cycle spokes, screws, nuts and biodegradable waste.

    Work shop

    1. Jalpan Patel


    2. Shivamkumar Sharma