Cinque Terre

Bridge the knowledge & skills, to create the bridge..

In this event, truss bridge is to be constructed using Pop sticks satisfying given constraints. The event consists of three rounds. Round 1 would be Questions paper based. If your structure collapse in second round then it will not be eligible for round 3 in which seismic capacity will be checked.

    ROUND 1 (Elimination Round):

    Depending on the number of registered entries, the first round will be the elimination round consisting of pen and paper based mcqs,which will be based on Bridge knowledge and which they have to solve in restricted time, out of many teams some numbers of team will be selected for second round.

    ROUND 2 (Deflection check):

    The selected teams in this round will make a bridge with from a given criteria and The moving vehicle with weight will travel from bridge and thus the deflection will be checked.

    ROUND 3 (Seismic Check):

    In this round the bridge will be place on seismic machine and the strength of the bridge will be checked in different seismic frequency and load.
    • Shape-Structure would satisfy all the given constraints and the length of the bridge should be 80 cm.(+ OR - (1cm)),the width of the bridge must be 18 cm and height must be 15cm, and also weight will be consider according to the judging criteria.
    • The layer of the sticks for deck will be 2 and for the truss it is 1.
    • Once the structure is approved by authorized coordinators you are not allowed to modifythe structure in any way.
    • Any team that is not ready at the time specified, they will be disqualified immediately.
    • Judges decision shall be final and binding above all.
    • The lap length for the joints between the sticks should not more than 3 cm.


    • Team should be consisting of maximum 4 players and minimum 2 players.
    • Students from different institutes can form a team for the event.
    • Student should carry the valid college identity cards of their respective institute at the time of reporting.
    • Switching of team members during the on-going event will not be allowed.
    • Use of any kind of help from google is strictly prohibited.
    • Once coordinator verify the model teams are not allowed to do any change in model.
    N-103( Both the day)
    1. Labdhi Doshi: 8511575078
    2. Komal Parikh: 7990959901