Cinque Terre

rich the treasure-sweet the pleasure

If we don't tackle 'em we might just as well never have come on this treasure hunt at all.Bring out the SHERLOCK in you by participating in this treasure hunt. Get ready for the ultimate quest to find your way through all the challenges and become the INDIANA JONES.

    Round 1 :(Elimination Round)

    • A mosaic will be given to you in this round.
    • The first 40 teams completing the mosaic wil be qualifying for Round 2.

    Round 2 : (Murder Mystery)

    • Use your observation and forensic skills to identify the chemical responsible for the death and also test the chemical to identify the killer among the suspects.
    • Maximum of 20 teams who successfully solve the murder will be qualified for the third round.

    Round 3 : (Treasure Hunt)

    • Collaboration of teams will be take place in this final round.
    • A clue will be given to the collaborated team which will lead them to the final clue.
    • The first team among the collaborated team reaching the final clue will get the ultimate clue.
    • The first team solving the ultimate clue will win the hunt.
    • Only team entries are eligible, a team shall consist of 2-3 members.
    • There will be 3 rounds, First 2 rounds will be held on 1st Day.
    • Final round will be held on the 2nd day.
    • Multiple teams from the same college are allowed to participate in the event.
    • Task must be completed into the given time interval.
    • Teams completing its task before the given time interval will get extra points & advantage.
    • Rules can be changed according to conditions in event.
    • The teams must strictly follow all the deadlines, failing to which will lead to their disqualification.
    • The decision of the event manager will be final and will not be subjected to any change.

    Room no. J-201,J-202,J-204(Block J)

    1. Hemant Goyal


    2. Ankit Yadav