Cinque Terre


Only a few are blessed by the talent of effective advertising.The Ad-Mad show is the perfect platform to showcase that you have the knack to advertise and win hearts.

    Round 1 :LOGO QUIZ

    • In this round logos or tag lines and general corporate questions will be given in a form of question paper to the participants.Teams will have to answer them within a given time limit.
    • Time for the quiz will be 20 minutes.
    • Top 20 teams will be selected for the next round.


    • In this round teams will have to prepare and present an abstract advertisement of their choice.
    • Teams will have to present their prepared ads within 3 minutes.
    • The ad prepared by the contestant must not contain any obscene words/any subject that hurts the feelings of a culture/language/religion/region.
    • Negative marking for any disobedience of rules.
    • The decision of the judge is final and abiding.
    • Eg:katanjali, shah rukh khan as a product, Esha fans,etc.(no original brand names will be accepted)

    Round 3 : IMPROMPTU

    • The selected teams will be given certain brand names and they have to prepare an advertisement for it.
    • 60 minutes will be given to each team for preparation.
    • Time limit to present advertisement would be 3 minutes and they have to play with their product Tag-line & perform in front of judges.
    • Eg: Adlays(adidas, lays), TresCom(Tressme, Compaq),etc.(The new product should have characterstics of both the products or brands.)
    • Team will be of 2-5
    • All the team members should have to present.
    • There is negative marking for any disobedience of rules.
    • Participants can bring there own musical instruments if they wish to
    • No digital ads allowed for any rounds
    • The advertisement can only be in english or hindi.
    • The contestants are strictly advise not to disclose the name of their college/institution to the jury members/audience
    • In case the participants exceed the time limit,judges will be free to disqualify the team.
    1. Divyansha Mehta


    2. Heena Shah