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Once again It's time for "Talaash"

Mecha Treasure Hunt is an event of mind, speed and time. Here the event is of three rounds; first of GK quiz, second of assembly building in which materials will be provided and third also of assembly building but it will be clue based round; each team will receive a clue for location details where one can get any part of assembly. After getting all the parts, they have to assemble them.

    To hunt you must know your ground and your pack.?The treasure has risen again. But Alas!!! Time is ticking and your pack is not the only one in this pursuit?.. You need to solve clues to reach to your location and assemble the components before other pack does it . Remember, time and tide waits for no one?..

    Round 1:

    First is an elimination round in which GK questions will be asked.

    Round 2:

    In second round, a set of materials will be provided to each team to build an assembly.

    Round 3:

    In third round, a set of material will be provided to each team to build an assembly. Each team will receive a clue which contains location details of the place where they can get any one part of an assembly.

    With the help of these clues each team get all the parts of an assembly. After collecting all the parts, they have to assemble the parts.

    • The rules for a treasure hunt are designed to make it a fair and fun experience for everyone. Teams are out in a public setting and must really police themselves to ensure that everyone complies with the rules.
    • Do not open and view the clues prior to the announcement that the hunt has started. Soon after the scheduled start time the hunt will begin. Then and only then should you open your clue packets and view the clues.
    • Teams must travel on foot. With the exception of those who have a physical limitation and require assisted transport to get around (wheelchairs, etc.), teams cannot use cars, trucks, taxis, buses, bicycles or any other motorized or wheeled transport.
    • Teams must stay together. Teams must be at the same clue site at the same time, and you must stay within sight and earshot of each other.
    • Team members should not use cell phones to communicate, unless you've become separated for some reason. Members should not run ahead of the others to solve clues. If someone gets separated from the team, has to leave early, or to stop for health reasons, that person can re-join you later, but cannot participate by working on clues while they are away from the rest of the team.
    • Teams are free to utilize resources which exist independently of the treasure hunt. Provided those resources don't violate any of the other rules, teams are encouraged to use bookstores, libraries, shop vendors, (town historians, if you can find them) to assist with clues. It improves the overall experience to interact with different people along the way.
    • Teams may use smartphones or mobile internet devices. While we can't keep you from using the internet, we ask that you please use it responsibly (i.e., not as a way to get a final answer to a clue without actually visiting the clue location). If the above confuses you in any way, here are a couple of guidelines:
    • If anything makes you think, "Is this cheating?", it probably is. Don't do it.
    • If anything makes you think, "Is this a really clever loophole?", it's probably cheating. Don't do it.
    • Do not move, tamper with, destroy, or otherwise alter the answers at the clue location.
    • Do not guess. You must visit the clue sites during the hunt in order to correctly answer the question. It is generally not possible to get the correct answer without physically visited the clue locations.
    • Any team found cheating will be disqualified.
    • Event manager's decisions is considered final.
    • Event manager's as well as the Coordinator can change the rules as per the situation.
    1. Miral Patel


    2. Chirag Sikarwar