Cinque Terre

A mint of Creativity

In this event, a team will have to design a creative newspaper of their own,with their unique logo and front page with the help of the graphics editor of Photoshop.

    • Maximum time to be taken: 2 hrs.
    • 3 members per team are mandatory.
    • The themes will be provided on the spot.
    • No material will be provided.
    • The participants must have to bring their own laptops for the event with the softwares installed in it.
    • Software like Adobe Photoshop Version 7.O or Coreldraw are allowable.
    • The Participants are not allowed to use Internet during the ongoing event.
    • Photo to be attached, should be clicked on the spot or should be created by the teams during the time duration of 2 hrs.
    • Team has to design front page of newspaper with their unique logo and title of their newspaper.

    Lab B-103

    1. Aditya Wadhawan-7990036874
    2. Nama Mahima 9913449322