Cinque Terre

Building your visions,creating reality

The Participants have to pass through a series of task to attain the title of PLANTASTIC. This event consists of 3 rounds. In the first round, they have to pass through Technical quiz. In the second round , they have to prepare(Draw) a building plan of (G+1) storey in the given area as per building bye laws and NBC(National building code). In the third round, they will have to prepare a model according to the concept of green building by using the given materials.

    Round 1: (Technical quiz)

    In this session, a written test will be conducted and questions will be based on Building planning. It is MCQ based pattern. No. of team qualified for the next round will be decided by the judges.

    Round 2: Planning(Drawing) of residential building(G+1).

    The Main objective of this round is to make a building plan according to building byelaws for their respective (G+1)storey building. In this round the planning criteria will be given to participants. No. of team qualified for the next round will be decided by the judges.

    Round 3: Treasure Hunt & Model Making

    There is a treasure hunt type of round, in which the participants have to find the clues. This will help them to get the materials which are required for making of model of their respective plan. The participants have to prepare the model according to the plan, which they have created in the Round 1, using these materials. Model made by them should be presented according to green building concept. The presentation of the model to the judges will also carry weightage .
    • A1 Sized sheets will be provided.
    • One has to mention the dimensions properly in their respective plan.
    • The decision of judges can not be challenged.
    • Strict discipline should be maintained during the event.
    • Violation of any rule will be followed by instant disqualification.


    1. Team should be consisting of maximum 4 players and minimum 2 players.
    2. Students from different institutes can form a team for the event.
    3. Student should carry the valid college identity cards of their respective institute at the time of reporting.
    4. Switching of team members during the on-going event will not be allowed.
    5. Use of any kind of help from Google or any other study material is strictly prohibited.
    N-102 both day
    1. Nisarg Suthar : 9724262764
    2. Saumil Bhavsar : 7600317574