Cinque Terre

brighten up your presentation skills

Success of an engineer is determined by his/her efficiency in communicating his/her ideas. Techfest'18 invites you to demonstrate your technical ideas and views and imaginations which wait to be assembled on the canvas of your skies and let your posters do the talking.

    Round 1 :

    Teams will have to present their own posters within 3 minutes.

    Round 2 :

    Be ready for something new in poster presentation ( on the spot round).
    • The team will contain 2-4 people.
    • Poster size should be A2 (210 mm x 297 mm).
    • Poster can be handwritten and computerized.
    • Poster should be strictly related to given topics.
    • Irrelevant use of pictures will result in point deduction.
    • Participants will have to face some questions from the judges regarding their model.
    • The decision of the judges will be final.
    • The teams must strictly follow all the deadlines failing to which will lead to their disqualification.

    J & H block (inner circle)

    1. Akash agravat


    2. Sagar gondaliya