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Team work brings the Dreamwork

Relay coding is all about playing a different task with your knowledge of coding.A members of group solve a quiz in the 1st round,then In the 2nd round Offscreen coding ,Onscreen coding and the compilation of code will take place the game but in the limitation of specific time and by replacing the members of group the round would become more challenging task .and in last round members will code the program by using the internet.

    Round 1:

    In the 1st round,participants solve a quiz in specific time period.

    Round 2:

    In the 2nd round,the one member of a team will code on offscreen mode,then after a specific time period the second member will code on screen mode within a given time and then the another member will compile the program.

    Round 3 :

    In 3rd round team will code different program by using internet.

    • The duration of the contest is 2 hour (Round 1: 10 mins, Round 2: 30 mins,Round 3: 80 mins)
    • 4 members are mandatory and so is each one's presence at every level
    • The task has to be performed within the criteria that is specified
    • Misbehavior or violence of any sort will lead to direct elimination of that group
    • Please comply with all the instructions from the organizers

    LAB B-203

    1. Dhruvil Shah- 8849804872
    2. Yamuna Shah -9157330029