Cinque Terre

Stronger the pile,safer the life.

Participant will have to pass through a series of task of testing of their pile structure. Those would include preparation of pile. Participants have to make pile structure and the pile will be tested on different soils with different loads on it. Participants have to make a model of PILE with PILECAP.

    ROUND 1: (Elimination Round)

    Depending on the number of registered entries, the first round will be the elimination round consisting of pen and paper based mcqs, which will be based on the general civil engineering out of which some numbers of team will be selected (approx top 50 percentile from all entries).

    Round 2:

    Make a pile structure as per the description.

    Round 3:

    Pile will be tested with dead load and penetration will be counted.Selected participants will go to next test.

    Round 4 :

    Pile have to face the earthquake load and the best will win.
    • Pop sticks (maximum length 120mm, width 12mm and thickness 2mm ) & Fevicol SH White adhesive should only be used to build the structure.
    • The Popsiclesticks can be cut or trimmed to any shape and size.
    • Adhesive can only be used to joint popsticks together. Adhesive cannot be applied on the free surface of member.
    • Any kind of Colouring or painting the structure is NOT allowed.
    • Any Type of THREAD rolled around the model is NOT allowed.
    • The Total weight of the MODEL should NOT be more than 850 grams.
    • The team will be disqualified if found using any other material other than those mentioned in any part of structure.
    • Violation of any of the rules will result in immediate disqualification.
    • In all cases, the judge?s decision will be final and binding to all.
    • All the required accessories have to be brought by the participants.


  • Each team will be given 500 sticks and fevicol to make the pile structure.
  • Participants have to make their own design with the given no. Of stickes.
  • Rules of making pile structure. :
    1. Max. Area of pile cap: 30*20 cm.
    2. Shape of pile: according to team.
    3. Max . Area of pile: 40 cm2.
    4. No. Of pile. : min 2 and max 3.
    5. Shape of pile: square / circular.
    6. Participate can make hollow or solid pile according to their choice. With concidering the strength of their model.
    N - 107
    1. Rathod Krina ( 9426361897)
    2. Shrma Dhara( 9974881966)