Cinque Terre

The TSM event includes Crossword and Sudoku Game Based on different themes and answer must be given in Another sheet student can found it by self and complete Square through Given technical question answer. Answer be like short question or instrument identification

    Questions based on this branches so participants get there own branch questions.Electrical, E.C, I.C, Power. Mech, Auto, Civil. IT, Computer & ICT.

    Round 1: Crossword :

    A quiz will be there in the form of questions on the paper will be given or questions will be asked and participants are required to answer them by in Crossword square form. you will be given a question paper containing 20 questions based on technical Field.

    Round 2: Sudoku :

    81 Square in Game of Sudoku 50 blank Square for answer based on Technical question. The total 81 answer already given in sheet and also attach Sudoku 50 numbers.

    Round 3: Advance Sudoku:

    More advance question answer then Round 1 & 2.
    • Each team can have 2 or 3 members in it.
    • The event must be completed in given fixed time.
    • Mobile will not be allowed in Game.
    • Judging Criteria : Based on time and total filling the Square and up to next round

    K-203 & K-101

    1. Gaurav panchal


    2. Solanki Rahulkumar