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This event is Electronics Basic Circuit based event in which there will be a team of maximum two members and they should have knowledge of electronics and electrical circuit and components.

    Round 1:

    A test based on basic electronics Paper quiz will be held in elimination round. Team which will complete the test in less time will proceed to round 2.

    Round 2:

    In the second raound, A board will be given to the team which has to make the connection to the home equipment in the appropriate time.

    Round 3:

    In third round will have to make an electronics circuit on breadboard from the electronics components provided.

    Round 4:

    And last round Qualifying teams have to make a moving model from the junk provided and given the name of the circuit.The circuit have to be made on the PCB using provided Junk Circuit in the appropriate time.

    • No. of participants in team 1-3.
    • Basic knowledge of eletronics,eletrical is required.
    • No books are allowed in competition hall.
    • Marking of answers should be with Pen.
    • If a team is found a cheating, they will be immediately eliminated.

    K-201, K-202 (Block -K ,Dipartment-Instrumation & Control)

    1. Paliwal Bharat Madanlal


    2. Sondagar Yagnik Dilipbhai