Cinque Terre

Web Weaver is an area where best of the web developers in town amalgamate. The participants are required to have a thorough knowledge on basics of HTML and CSS. Also, beginner to intermediate knowledge of dynamic and responsiveness of your website is tested. So, get ready with your skills to come and compete.

    Round 1:

    In this round the Participants will be given MCQs based on the concepts of web designing. MCQs of the type such as "Fill in the Blanks", "Joining Tables", "True or False" will be there. 30% of the participants will be eliminated and the rest will be qualified for next round.

    Round 2:

    In this round, you will be provided with one web page and participants have to create same web page which is given to them. Mostly HTML will be used in this round and a little CSS (have to use the style that will be given to you along with the webpage). Marks will be allocated depending on the participants performance and based on that they will be qualified for next round.

    Round 3 :

    In this round, you will be provided with another webpage and this time you have to use major of CSS and HTML, winners will be decided on the basis of participant's performance and will be qualified for the next round.

    Round 4 :

    In the final round, all the qualified participants will have to make a responsive (website should be auto adjusted according to any screen size) and dynamic(multiple pages i.e. at least 5 pages ) website. You can use HTML, CSS and JavaScript (for JavaScript and JQuery you will be provided with the installed files needed for it, you don't have to bring any ) and no frameworks are allowed to be used.

    • Rules are subject to last minute change. Contact corresponding coordinator(s) for further inquiries.
    • Final decision lies in hands of coordinators and judges.
    • Participants have to abide the decision in all cases.

    IT department, B block, B-206 lab

    1. Akshat Patel- 9723296381
    2. Jash Patel 8734804914