Cinque Terre

Maximity wins over Minimity

This event is based on wireless transfer of electric power between 2 coils at resonance using induction to achieve the maximum power transfer between the coils in the circuit you have designed.

    Participants have to transmit electricity across two copper coils at a distance without wires using the concept of magnetic resonant coupling .Electrical components like resistors, inductors and capacitors can also be used. Design copper coils such that maximum power transfer takes place between the two coils.

    • Each team can consist 1-3 members.
    • Resonating frequency of the coils must be in range of 50Hz to 20 MHz .
    • In case of any ambiguity, event managers' decision is final.
    • Range of resonant frequency of the coil in round 2 is 38-44 KHz.
    • Range of resonant frequency of the coil in round 3 is 40-40.5 KHz.
    • The choice of components and the type of circuit for max. power transfer fully depends on the participants.
    • The source of power supply will be provided to participants, any kind of damage to the property given to the respective team will result into penalty.

    G-102 ( power electronics dept., VGEC)

    1. Shruti Dubey


    2. Sameeksha Singh