Cinque Terre

This is a 2 days workshop. Every student will have the opportunity to experiment with interfacing the internet of things (IOT) based robots. On successful completion of this course students will learn to work with advance training modules which are not available in other programs.

    Day 1

    • Introduction to IOT
      Introduction to NodeMCU
      Performance of Digital I/O
      Performance of Analog I/O
      Pulse width modulation
      Serial Communication
      Sensor Interfacing
      Connecting NodeMCU to cloud
      Digital I/O using IOT
      Analog I/O using IOT
      Serial Communication using IOT
      Interfacing Different widgets using BLYNK application
  • Day 2

    • Interfacing H bridge with DC Motor
      DC Motor speed varying using POT and PWM
      Robot chassis Assembling
      Running DC Motor using Serial Communication
      Creating UI in BLYNK for Robot
      Controlling robot using server
      Notification on Email using Robot and server
      Sensor interfacing with Robot
      Introduction to TUNIOT Server
      Designing EMO app using TUNIOT
      Quiz on Edpuzzle Software
      Robo race using IOT
    Divyanshi Vashistha-8128430089
    Kaushal Gopani-8980233211