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As expert talks are one of the important aspects of successful technological festival so we proudly announce the expert talks of GTU Central Techfest 18, This time we with an innovative approach which are not only the speakers from the technical domain but we are also including the speakers from various domains so that the present technical generation can get the wide overview of knowledge from various domains for which the speakers are as follows:

Experts (15th of march, 6pm onwards, M-N block)


Sanjay Rawal (born October 30, 1974) is an Indian-American documentary film director who lives in New York City. His 2014 film Food Chains premiered at the Berlin Film Festival in its Culinary Cinema Programme and had its US premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival. Sanjay Rawal's second documentary film, Challenging Impossibility, premiered at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival and played in nearly 70 more. It won awards at several film festivals including at the Atlanta Shortsfest. His first film Ocean Monk won the Best Documentary Short Award at the 2010 St. Louis International Film Festival. Prior to becoming a filmmaker, Rawal was deeply involved with international development and ran projects in over 40 nations. He worked on projects with celebrities like Wyclef Jean and Donna Karan. Rawal was also engaged in activism regarding peace, security, and women's issuesóserving on the first men's committee for V-Day. Much of his work has been inspired by his spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy and he has edited and published books by this leaderóincluding America the Beautiful, which was read as an audio book by Richard Dreyfuss.


He has completed his graduation and post-graduation in the field of pharmacy during 2010-11. He has been practicing the timeless Vedic wisdom mentioned in *Bhagavad-Gita* and applying them in his personal life since years. The Akshaya Patra Foundation is a mid day meal program carried out in Government schools. In India this foundation is feeding more than 15 lakhs children in 9 states to address one of the most debilitating problems of India: education and hunger. While working in the field of Allopathic Medicine in one of the prestigious organization in Bangalore, he got inspired by the activities of The Akshaya Patra Foundation. He now also continues his profession of giving medicine but Spiritual Medicine to the Society in general. Especially by educating todayís youth to achieve highest Success of the Life in the midst of overwhelming difficulties. He is involved in content development for many training programs and regularly conducts training sessions for students. He is an expert on topics that help todayís generation find the right balance between oneís career aspirations and nurturing the finer aspects of human needs. He has been spiritual guide for many hence specialized in personal counselling to the youth in the right direction of life.


Abhishek Jain (Gujarati: ?????? ???) is an Indian film director and producer known for his Gujarati films Kevi Rite Jaish and Bey Yaar. He was awarded Trend setter award by Gujarati Innoviation Society due to the success of Kevi Rite Jaish. After the success of his debut movie, he directed Bey Yaar which was critically acclaimed and was commercially successful. In February 2016, Abhishek Jain announced that CineMan Productions will co-produce three Gujarati films with Phantom Films, out of which one will be directed by Abhishek himself. The first film released under joint banner of CineMan productions and Phantom films was Wrong Side Raju, directed by Mikhil Musale, co-founder of CineMan productions, which won National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Gujarati at the 64th National Film Awards. He made his debut film, Kevi Rite Jaish in Gujarati language.

Tyler Marshall

Tyler Marshall is a global business expert, having 15+ Years of experience of nurturing IT businesses. He has launched multiple businesses, directed numerous projects, managed software, application and loT prod uct developments with teams in India, Thai- land, Australia, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan & America.